Friday, June 23, 2017

Who is Pantac USA?

Headquartered in Ohio, Pantac USA is American-owned and operated, with a single focus on producing quality tactical equipments.  We strive to be your premiere, low-cost alternative to big-name manufacturers, offering matching (if not better) material and workmanship to any major defense suppliers.  In fact, our warranty program eclipses many of our competitors, while our pricing remains extremely affordable.


Our Facilities

Pantac USA maintains multiple production facilities internationally.  Our U.S. production arm, located in the greater Los Angeles area, is primarily tasked with manufacturing berry-compliance gear for the U.S. armed force.  For our cost-conscious customers, we utilize offshore production facilities but in a very different manner.  Unlike other gear companies who outsource to factories owned and operated by unrelated third parties (and sometimes the lowest bidder), all of our oversea facilities are directly run, supervised, and managed by the Pantac team.  From material sourcing to production planning and final QC, every step must meet the same, strict standard set by our U.S. facility.  Therefore, regardless of where our products are made, it will always be held to the highest standard, worthy of the Pantac USA name.


Why Pantac USA Products?

Not all tactical gear is made the same. We know that, and so do you. The trick is to make them bomb-proof without breaking the bank, and that’s what sets Pantac USA products apart. We use top-tier components such as Cordura or UTX, just like all the world-class gear manufactures do.  But we also source them directly from the manufacturer in very large quantities, to keep cost in-check. On the other hand, we refuse to skim on workmanship, such as reinforced stitching points that many other mass-production gear companies so carelessly missed. We don't take shortcuts in our QC and testing processes.  In the end, we are so confident with our product that we offer one of the industry’s best Lifetime Guarantees.  We think that in itself is a testimony of quality.

Remember the Pantac moto – High Speed, Low Price!
Once you've used our products, you too will understand.

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